CIO Roundtable Recap

I was honored to be a panelist for this week’s CIO Roundtable, organized by the San Diego chapters of itSMF and HDI.

The other distinguished panelists were:

  • Norm Fjeldheim: CIO of Qualcomm
  • Brian Andrews: VP of IT, Stone Brewing
  • Scott Henderson: Deputy CIO at SPAWAR


Thanks to Kathleen Glass  for the photo.

Ian Clayton of G2G3 did a fantastic job moderating the event keeping it focussed and engaging the audience, who posed excellent questions for the panel.

What great insights and discussion from the panelists.  I certainly picked up some new tips and ideas.  Some of the key points mentioned…

Norm, who was the rockstar of the event, explained how he has changed the focus of his group from meeting SLAs to achieving high Customer Satisfaction marks in order to align IT with the business.  He also said he was a “big fan” of shadow IT and tries to find ways to embrace and incorporate the point solutions developed by the business.

Brian, who has the job everyone wants, discussed how he is updating and transforming Stone’s IT infrastructure with cloud and IOT technologies for collecting data and tracking  their product through the entire distribution chain.

Scott, who has the herculean task of consolidating SPAWAR’s data centers and IT services,  addressed the challenges of implementing Consumerization of IT (CoIT) and BYOD capabilities within the requirements and regulations of a DOD security environment.

I spoke to the need for IT  professionals to develop more business acumen in order to engage with the business on their terms — the technology solution will follow once the business needs are identified.  I also suggested that IT stop being the “Department of No” by changing the response to requests from the business from “no, that won’t work because…” to something more like “OK, here’s what it would take to solve the issue.”  Again, engaging with the business on their terms.

Here’s the twitter feed from the event if you want to check out some comments from the attendees…

Thanks to all who attended.

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